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Parking in Florence

If you decide to come to Florence by car, or rent a car to move around Florence, the following information may prove very useful. Given its historic nature, the city center is clearly not designed for modern traffic needs and vehicles. The area of greatest tourist interest coincides with the ZTL (“Zona a Traffico Limitato” or Limited Traffic Zone), a restricted traffic area controlled by a network of video cameras. Since Florence’s historic center is a UNESCO Heritage Site, it makes sense to protect it in this way and limit the amount of traffic in the historical center. What does this mean in practice? You need a special ZTL permit to drive in the historical center. You likely WON’T have one, even with a car rental! If you’re staying in the center, you DON’T NEED a car to move around, it is small enough to move around completely by foot or, at the most, on the small electric buses run by ATAF that cross the center.


The “ZTL” area has several entrance or “access” points which are clearly marked with EU regulation traffic signs and equipped with video surveillance cameras that automatically detect and photograph license plates of all vehicles passing through. Transit through a few of these access points are prohibited at all times, 24/7 so pay attention to the signs. Anyone entering without a ZTL permit will eventually get a fine back home, several months later, assisted through car rental records to find you, so enter the ZTL carefully. All vehicles without a ZTL permit are banned from the city center from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekdays. During summertime, generally from June to August, the centre is also closed from midnight to 4am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You cannot stay within the ZTL longer as your car won’t have a permit. Private parking garages in the ZTL generally offer the service of temporary permits for when you plan of entering and exiting the ZTL, so that is another option.

Briefly, since 02/04/2015:

Non-residents are NOT allowed to drive and park your car within the ZTL at the following times:

  • All year: Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 8:00pm; Saturday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.
  • From the first Thursday of April to the first Sunday in October it is on the LTZ summer night. The discipline of ZTL, in this period, it is extended to the nights of Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 pm until 3:00 am of the next morning and applies in all areas (A, B, O, F and G).


Outside the ZTL

Tourists can also park outside the ZTL, under these conditions:
Outside of the ZTL, the city is still divided into controlled parking zones called “ZCS” ( “Zona a Controllo Sosta” – “Zone in Control Stop”or “Controlled Parking Zones”), where the transit is allowed without specific restrictions. The parking in the street in these areas, however, are divided between “for residents” and “non-residents”.Non-residents, therefore visitors, should always park in the blue marked spaces and pay for the hours you intend to park ahead of time at the “P” parking ticket machines located nearby. You need to leave this ticket stub inside your car’s dashboard where it can be seen.
In Florence and generally everywhere in Italy (these conditions may vary in other cities though), this division is indicated by the color of the lines delimiting the parking spots:

  • White stripes: parking for residents only (you must have a resident pass to this area to park here);
  • Blue stripes: paid parking (anyone, even non-residents can park here and pay at the parking meter or vending coins);
  • Yellow stripes: reserved parking by special groups, such as disabled, police etc … always accompanied by a signal. In the case of disabled parking sign with Mark, this space is reserved to a specific person and not available to all other holders of allowed invalid.
  • Please note that in every area, one evening every week or every month, because of street cleaning is not permitted parking.

The “Parterre” (Piazza Libertà), “Oltrarno” (Porta Romana), “Beccaria” and “Fortezza Fiera” (Fortezza da Basso) car parking lots should have discounted daily and night-time rates, so these are the better if you’re intending to park for longer periods of time or throughout the night. Piazzale Michelangelo is also another place where you can park your car outside the ZTL.



If you still wish to park inside the ZTL, there are parking garages near every apartment.
Cost will be around 25/35 Euro per day, depending on the size of your car.

mappa parcheggi ZTL



Garage Piazza del Carmine, in Piazza del Carmine



–“Michelangelo Garage”

Address: Via Ricasoli 28 red

open all year (7 am to 1 am).

If you are our client you get our discount rates.

More info: +39 055 2399126


–“Bargello Garage”

Address:Via Ghibellina 170

open all year 7 am to 2 am.

If you are our client you get our discount rates.

Tel: 055.210970   Mobile: +39.329.7190070

–“Garage Lungarno”

Address: Borgo San Iacopo 10 rosso – 50123 Firenze (FI) – Italy

Tel: +39055282542

open 07,00am – 1,00am


— Garage Nazionale di Luigi Carfora

Address: Via Nazionale, 21, 50123 Firenze

Tel: 0039-055 284041


— “Garage Giglio”

Address: Via del Giglio, 24, 50123 Firenze

Tel: 0039-055 216152


“San Lorenzo / Mercato Centrale”

Address: Piazza del Mercato Centrale

open 24/7, entrance from Via S. Antonino.

Tel: (0039)055.50302209


— “Garage Centrale 1”

Address: Via de’ Fossi, 50 red.

Tel: 055 210018


— “Garage Santa Maria Novella”

Address:Piazza della Stazione

open 24/7.

Tel: 055.50302209

–“International Garage”

Address:  Via Palazzuolo, 29 50123 Firenze, open 24/7

Tel:+39 055 282386

— “Parking Garage Excelsior” 

Address: Via Palazzuolo, 94 50123 Firenze, open 6 AM – 2 AM

Tel:+39 055 215100


–“Garage Lungarno”

Address:Borgo San Iacopo 10 rosso – 50123 Firenze (FI) – Italy

Tel: +39055282542

open  07,00am – 1,00am


–“Garage Bargello”

Address:Via Ghibellina 170, open all year (from 7:00 am to 2:00 am).

Customers of get a discount on the rate.

Tel: 055.210970 Cell: +39.329.7190070

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